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Weekly Roundup: International Women’s Day

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Weekly Roundup: International Women's Day

I have recently spent A LOT of time going through Etsy – I am SO inspired by how many artists there are out there. And the level of creativity and ideas… mind = blown. I decided, one way that I could make the most of this new blog would be to do a Weekly Round up of some of my favorite finds!

Enter International Women’s Day.

I’ve been watching this day approach, and I have been trying to come up with the best way to highlight women on this special day. I’m still working on flashing my feminist card, but these products are paving the way for women everywhere with some amazing concepts. So many of them are right up my alley of girl-power rah rah, and what better day to feature them than today?!

Also, each of these products is under $25! It doesn’t get much better than that!

1. Support Eachother Printable Quote by JustFollowYour Art | $4.95 | This is a great reminder that you could hang proudly in your home or office.

2. Cuterus Enamel Pin by PunkyPins | $10.06 | This is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen, and if you’re a pinning kind of gal, how could you possibly pass this up?

3. The Future is Female Embroidery Pattern by BadassCrossStitch | $5.00 | If you can embroider, more power to you – this is an awesome pattern that speaks to the power of women!

4. I Run on Feminism, Caffeine, & Social Justice Tee by BirchBearCo | $20.99 | This tee is perfect and it’s made in jersey – can we scream COMFY!

5. WWRBGD Mug by SheMugs | $14.95 | Today is the perfect reminder to channel your inner RBG everyday! Have a cup of coffee with Ruth everyday!

6. Raise Boys and Girls the Same Way TShirt by EmaxTees | $14.90 | This one really spoke to me because we need to make sure little boys and little girls understand that women are equal.

7. Fearless Feminist TShirt by LiteraryEmporium | $22.99 | This loose fitting tee is perfect for a book lover, and a feminist!

8. Pizza Rolls Not Gender Roles by TheTeeStudio | $13.00 | I mean, who doesn’t love pizza rolls?! This is perfect for today!

Don’t forget to shop small and support small businesses! Also, follow us on Instagram @SheMugs for more great roundups, giveaways, and daily posts!

Images belong to their respective Etsy shops. Affiliate links for other Etsy shops are used in this post.

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