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Being the World’s Okayest Isn’t So Bad

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SheMugs World's Okayest Mugs

In my family – we do poking and teasing – and a lot of laughing… that usually comes from said poking and teasing.

I have two younger brothers – one is 2 years younger than me, and the other is 8 years younger than me. That larger age gap has lead to much poking and teasing in life about how “little” my now “not-so-little” brother is. My other brother and I have a tendency to gang up on the littlest of the bros and give him crap for whatever it is we are feeling that day.

Enter “World’s Okayest”.

A couple years ago I was searching for the perfect Christmas gift, when I stumbled upon a shirt that read “World’s Okayest Brother”. Needless to say it was on my doorstep just a few days later, and I couldn’t wait to give it to him. It might have been the best gift to ever grace the underbelly of my family’s Christmas tree.

We now regular refer to my youngest brother as the “World’s Okayest” brother, and he is not afraid to use it as an excuse when things don’t always go his way. For example, he might drop something and the response is “it’s because I’m the world’s okayest”, or if I give him trouble for not doing something he will say “it’s only because I’m the world’s okayest”. It has lead to many fits of laughter and has become a great joke within my family. So far, he is the only one who can claim the status of “World’s Okayest”, and he wears that crown (errr shirt?) with much honor. It’s a loving badge of honor at this point.

So… the poking and teasing continues, with my world’s okayest brother. It’s been good fun, and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to share this comradery with the rest of the world who might have their own “World’s Okayest” special someone.

I put together mugs for the closest family members that you have in your life, but of course, I can make one that will fit your “World’s Okayest” Whoever! Just send me a message and then they, too, can blame random spills and issues on being just the world’s okayest. It’s not a bad place to be, I promise. My brother loves it! šŸ˜‚

World’s Okayest UNITE!

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