A look back at where SheMugs has been, and where it's going

Starting a blog has been this daunting task that sits on my list of goals every quarter. I always tell myself that this will be the time that I make it happen, but you know what… here we are four years later, and well…. I think you can tell how that story goes.

When I do finally sit down to plan and organize and get things together, I don’t know what to say! The pressure of introducing myself, and what I do, and why I love it just feels so… I don’t know. Scary! How do I sum myself up in a few sentences?

So, I’ve decided I’m going to let my work speak for itself. I think the things that I have created say more about SheMugs than the things I could say because these are the things that a thousands (yes, thousands - can you believe that?! Ahh!) of people wake up and smile to in the morning. They are the things that serve the purpose that SheMugs is meant to - to make you feel sassy and empowered, confident and strong, funny and excited for the things to come on the other side of that cup of coffee.

As SheMugs has grown, I’ve added more products to the lineup to be able to add more joy to your day, but for today, I’ll stick to mugs. They are my first product love, and will always hold a special place in my heart.

Classic Collection

Ghost Friends Mug: This mug is the perfect way to tell your bestie that you’re going to be stuck together for life. I’ve sent out thousands of these and I still smile when I make them. Every time I have the joy of seeing someone read this mug for the first time, I can predict when the smirk will form on their face. It’s an amazing feeling.

I am a Ray of Fucking Sunshine Mug: Honestly, this was my first boldly sweary mug, and I was afraid of it. I wasn't sure how an audience would feel about it, and I was pleasantly and quickly proven wrong. Everyone who knows me knows that the F Bomb is a regular part of my vocabulary, but putting that on display for the world was uncomfortable. Luckily, it was the mug that pushed me to really move with that idea of SheMugs. It helped me to really recognize that women do swear, and it’s ok.

God Thinks I'm a Badass Mug: This mug is just such a powerful reminder that even when you feel like you're walking into the wind and can't seem to catch your breath, that you will get through it. I'm not particularly religious, but this always seems to hit in just the right way to help me through whatever adversity I may be facing. It's also one of my favorite mugs to gift because it is such a good nudge when you need it.

I Did Not Wake Up Today to be Average Mug: At first, this mug feels like one of those positivity posters that you don't want to love, but then you just do. Don't get me wrong, there are some days when average is more than I have to give, but SheMugs is about small reminders. When you're pushing through, sometimes you just have to remember how strong you are. I like little things like that and love that this mug is able to bring that to other ladies as well in a cute quirky way.


WWRBGD: What Would Ruth Bader Ginsburg Do? Mug: Ruth was such an amazing inspiration for SheMugs. She is such a strong female role model for standing up for your rights and I'm so grateful to be able to memorialize her a little bit every time one of these mugs goes out the door.

Feminist Collection 2022

After the Supreme Court rulings this past summer, I had to create a line that spoke more to how I’m feeling about where women stand in our country right now. It’s something that has always been a source of inspiration for me, but I hadn’t had the brain power to really figure out what that looked like on a mug. I finally found my inspiration in this beautiful series of line art. It was a chance for me to create pieces that are unique to women of color, and it was a chance to create little works of art that spoke truth to power.


Mind Your Own Uterus Mug: This is in direct reference to the Supreme Court ruling this summer, and I just love the power of the drawing with the statement. It reads like a soft “fuck you” and that’s one of my favorite things about it.


I Like Pretty Things and the Word Fuck Mug: As I said before, it’s one of my favorite words. I think swearing is a part of language. It doesn’t make me ugly, or dumb. I think every time a woman swears it’s a bit of a “fuck you” to “the man”… so, why not?  

Pay Me Like a White Man Mug: Need I say more? The gender pay gap is one of the most infuriating things for me. To hear men say that women just need to “work harder” makes my blood just boil. 


Anything You Can Do I Can Do Bleeding Mug: Incorporating women of color into this design series was a major catalyst for me. For this design, I love how the words on this phrase look like the model’s afro. I think it’s such a great celebration of womanhood and Black women in particular. I fall in love with this design every time I see it again. And I mean… can we talk about the actual words? Women are so strong - it's not wonder men work so hard to hold us back.

Check out the full new Feminism Collection here.


More Mugs to Come!

I appreciate you taking the time to take a little trip down memory lane with me. I love how much SheMugs has grown, and I’m also so proud of where it’s from. 

Now that I’ve got this first blog under my belt, I’m excited to see where this takes us. I know I want to share about the cool projects I’m working on, but I have a feeling current events will slip in.

I have even thought about including some business tips for you if you’re thinking about starting a new venture of your own. I would really love it if SheMugs became a resource that women referenced to be able to find their own inner strength and love for whatever their passion project is.

I look forward to supporting you in whatever way you need! Whether it’s that morning pick me up with a new favorite mug, or some tips and tricks that I’ve learned over the years of being in business for myself, I look forward to where this ride will take us.

A look back at where SheMugs has been, and where it's going