Goodbye Summer Hello Fall

It seems to feel like the summer just falls off a cliff and all of a sudden it’s autumn, and Halloween, and then Christmas and before you know it, we’re saying Happy New Year! 

No? Just me? 😜

Well, that’s how it feels for me. The last couple of weeks I’ve been really working on executing projects that I’ve had on my mind for what feels like forever, and I’ve been having a TON of fun with it. 

Goodbye Summer Hello Fall

The last three collections of new designs that I worked on have felt really like I’m getting back to the roots of what I want SheMugs to be: a shop where you know that the items that you receive are made with love, a healthy dose of sass, and 100% authenticity for you to put on display.

Here are a couple of my favorites from the last three collections:

Fall Collection

Flower Skull - Soft Pink Coffee Mug from the Fall 2022 Collection SheMugs

Flower Skull - Soft Pink Coffee Mug - I came across these artworks and I just couldn’t resist. I contemplated adding fun phrases to the mug, but I realized the art is just too beautiful and that it could stand on it’s own. I love each design in it’s own way, but this one in particular is a favorite just because of the soft floral color in juxtaposition to the skull. I think it’s a fun take on Halloween.

My Favorite Season is the Fall of the Patriarchy | Fall Collection 2022 SheMugs

My Favorite Season is the Fall of the Patriarchy Coffee Mug - This one is a favorite for obvious reasons. I had fun playing with some abstract shapes and the sizing of the lettering. I have a feeling I will use this technique again for more designs in the future.

Witchy Vibes Coffee Mug | Fall Collection 2022 SheMugs

Witchy Vibes Coffee Mug - I wanted to find a fun way to incorporate the crescent moon that I used on the C of this design. I thought the font on this was just perfect to mix the two and tell a story because even on crescent moons, witchy vibes are worthy.

Check out the full Fall 2022 Collection here!

Feminism Collection


Pay Me Like a White Man Coffee Mug | Feminism Collection 2022 SheMugs

Pay Me Like a White Man Coffee Mug
- I know that the wave design for phrases right now is all the rage and I wanted to find a new way to use it that felt true to SheMugs. This phrase was perfect because it feels like we should be repeating it every day when we wake up anyways!


Vote For Women Coffee Mug | Feminism 2022 Collection SheMugs

Vote for Women Coffee Mug - With the midterm elections this year it’s important to remember that we need to be putting women in rooms where decisions are being made - especially after Roe was overturned this summer. If you’re not registered to vote, you can get more information about how to vote in your state here.

Empowered Women Empower Women Coffee Mug | Feminism Collection 2022 SheMugs

Empowered Women Empower Women Coffee Mug - This collection was made with line art that included women of color because I wanted to make sure to be inclusive with these powerful statements. It’s an important part of my brand that I was able to really let shine and honestly, it was really hard to pick a favorite, but this one feels like the right phrase to represent how I feel about this opportunity.

Check out the full Feminist 2022 Collection here!

And now the latest collection which is all about the moon and magic and crystals!

Moon Collection

The Moon Made Me Do It Coffee Mug | Moon Collection 2022 SheMugs

The Moon Made Me Do It Coffee Mug
- I wanted to include a mug that had a reference to the moon phases and I just loved the way this classic art went with the lettering. And let’s be honest… we’re always blaming the moon on something anyways!

Fueled by Crystals and Coffee Mug | Moon Collection 2022 SheMugs

Fueled by Crystals & Coffee Mug - This graphic really stole my heart. Can we talk about how powerful this imagery is?! And I mean… I can clearly see that she is fueled by crystals, and the moon cycle, and, well, the coffee mug speaks for itself. 

Embrace the Magic of Everyday Coffee Mug | Moon Collection 2022 SheMugs

Embrace the Magic of Everyday - I get it… we all have hard days, and eternal optimism doesn’t help, but I really like this phrase. We might not always feel the magic in the moment, but there is magic in every day.

Check out the full 2022 Moon Collection here!

As we get ready to say goodbye to the warmer weather and get ready for shorter days and more hot cocoa, I hope you find a mug from SheMugs that resonates and makes you feel good every day when you get to spend time with it. It’s what this is all about for me!


Goodbye Summer Hello Fall | SheMugs 2022