To Be Sassy is a Form of Rebellion… and I like it.

The world tries to put us as women in little boxes. It tries to tell us where we belong, what we can say, how we should be feeling, what we should be wearing…

It tells us to stay in line.

It tells us to do as we’re told.

It tells us to look a certain way

It tells us to talk a certain way.

It tells us that we will only succeed if we follow society’s marching orders.

It tells us when we need to pay attention.

It tells us when we need to look away.

It tells us what we should be saying.

It tells us how we should be feeling.

...and I’m calling bullshit.



1. lively, bold, and full of spirit, cheeky
2. improperly forward or bold

To be sassy is a form of rebellion for today's woman… and I think we need to give more energy to it. 

Finding the time to embrace your sassy side is a chance to really explore how you feel about yourself, your surroundings, the world around you, and to get it out in a way that feels right for you.


Say the word Fuck.

Fight the Patriarchy.

Stand Up for Human Rights.

It’s Sassy… and it’s Rebellious… and it’s Necessary.

I’ve been working so hard to embrace this side of myself and share these experiences through SheMugs. I’ve been doing the work to incorporate my feelings and thoughts into my designs and I feel like the brand of SheMugs has grown larger than I could have ever hoped for. 


To Be Sassy Coffee Mug

To Be Sassy Means Saying No to Boring and Basic

Why not add an irreverent mug to your morning routine? If it makes you smile as you pour your first cup of coffee, if it makes you happy, what’s the trouble?


To Be Sassy Shirt

To Be Sassy Means Using Colorful Language

They are words, ladies! Just words! But they have power! Why not express yourself all of the time with a sassy shirt that shouts from the rooftops how you really feel about yourself?! What better way to find your people in the world than by using your clothing as a walking billboard?


To Be Sassy Sticker

To Be Sassy Means You Are Getting the Conversation Started

Nothing gets the conversation started better than standing up for what you believe in. Don’t miss out on the chance to slap a new sticker on your laptop and make sure everyone in the office knows exactly where you stand about feminism.

Add some excitement to your life! Live a little!


Be Sassy

Life is too short to worry about what other people might think of you. Make a statement and make sure they know who you are.

Be who you are, not who the world wants you to be.

To Be Sassy is a Form of Rebellion... and I like it.